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Beginners or Fresh  to the Stock Market? 

Basic Share Market Training

If you are new to the stock market or don't understand all the stock market around, then the FirstStep program is for you.We are giving  educational Investment training ,it is a unique initiative that takes you through the basics of the stock market, helps you understand our Indian Stock market products and trade online confidentially 

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Online trading education resource helping Our traders reach their full potential in trading through foundational online trading education and a personal trading mentor.


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Technical Analysis Training - Share Market Training

* Always do your analysis before trading
* Have a clear and reasonable idea of your objective
* Never trade on emotions or other people's forecasts
* Buy at support and sell at resistance
* Always trade with "STOP LOSS"
* Never hold a losing position over night
* Never add to a losing position
* Never risk more than 5% of capital on one trade
* Take responsibility for your own trades
* If you are breaking any rules

                   ***STOP    TRADING***
* Because you are out of control !!!!

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Share Marketing Coaching Centres in Chennai - List of share marketing courses, classes, institutes in Chennai and get share marketing training fees, class,

We( are Providing Stock Market Training for beginners,Technical Analysis on Equity,Commodity,Currency Market.
We Create awareness in stock market investment in Equity Cash,Derivatives futures,Derivatives options,Commodity,Currency.Learn Indian Equity Share Market Share Market Trading Basics: Fundamentals Of Share Market Trading training, Stock Market Basics - Share Market Trading Basics,Share Market Trading Questions/Answers/Faq about Share Market derivatives,rupeedesk,learn and earn share Equity,Commodity and currency market traded in NSE,MCX,NCDEX And MCXSX respectively.- Rupeedesk





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